Do you ship within Canada?
Yes! We have a few shipping and delivery options!

All order worldwide over $75 ship free. Other shipping charges range between $2-$8 depending on your location. Free pickup in Windsor is also available and I will deliver for free in Windsor-Essex, as well. Depending on what other orders are going out at the same time. It may take up to a week for free delivery.

Do you ship internationally?
US and international orders over $75 (CAD) ship free. Otherwise your postage cost is $5-$8 respectively.

What kind of shipping materials do you use?
We exclusively use certified compostable soft packs and certified compostable mailing labels from The Better Packaging Company. For larger orders, we will wrap your order in compostable tissue paper from No Issue. We will never use any plastic or non-compostable materials in our packaging, so you can rest easy knowing that we are being as environmentally friendly as possible in getting your wraps to you!

I want to order custom wraps or my event or for my business. Do you do that? 
Yes! Send me your business logo, or a custom design and we can make a custom print! Minimum order is $100 for single pack or 12-pack minimum for multi packs.

Do you offer vegan wraps?
Yes, but they're a special product that is not always available on the website. Please send me an email if you're interested in vegan wraps. Made with Candellila wax and more pine resin for increased stickiness instead of beeswax.

Where do you get your wax?
Our wax is purchased locally in Windsor-Essex, Ontario.