Eco Sponsorship

Thanks for your interest in our eco-sponsorship program! 
This program aims to help local businesses in Windsor-Essex County improve their sustainability and be more conscious of the environmental impact of their products and services.
Maybe you're a food or drink vendor who would like to compost your scraps instead of throwing them in the garbage; maybe you sell a product that you'd like to offer in plastic-free packaging; or maybe you're running a large event and would rather offer a water refill station instead of having patrons bring single-use plastic bottles. 
However you think you can make your products or events more sustainable, BeeKeeper would like to help with up to $200 per business. Simply fill out the form below letting me know who you are, a little bit about your business, and how you would like to use an eco-sponsorship in your business. If there is a specific event or date you have in mind, please share these details as well. No request is too small; from $20 to $200, if you have an idea to make your business a little bit greener, apply below!
We have a limited number of eco-sponsorships available, and unfortunately are not able to offer one to every applicant! Please be patient as I read through all of the information provided and decide how best funds can be allocated to as many businesses as possible.